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Moving Memories

It’s been an eventful 48+ hours. A moving crew of five people arrived at eight a.m. on Monday and packed everything in the house by three p.m.!

Afterward, friends joined us for trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. I only snapped one blurry, dark photo! 🤦‍♀️ But the kids had a great time and filled their buckets to the brim.

Trick-or-Treating with friends!

Later that night, after getting our sugared-up kids to bed, Barkley and I tried to organize and pack everything for our car ride. Unfortunately, while doing so, Barkley pulled a muscle in his back. Within an hour, his pain was so bad that he couldn’t breathe. I called the paramedics, and they took him by ambulance to the hospital for an x-ray to make sure he didn’t have a collapsed lung. Thankfully, all his tests checked out. Just a pulled muscle. They discharged him around one a.m. I woke up the kids, and we went to pick him up. The good news is that they went straight back to sleep when we got home. 🙌

Barkley is doing better but has spasms whenever his medicine wears off. 😢 The doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer and told him not to lift anything--a hard ask for a man who is moving.

On Tuesday, our sweet neighbor took Barkley to get our rental car while the movers loaded the truck with our belongings, and a car carrier loaded our two vehicles.

Liam’s last day of school was memorable as they did a Bubble Run. Evelyn and I went to cheer him on. He must’ve run forty laps minimum!

Liam running (blue & red)

Once the house was empty, we went to a hotel in town, had dinner at P.F. Changs because it was close by, and then collapsed by nine o'clock.

This morning, we went to UPS to ship two boxes of stuff we couldn't fit in our rental van (this thing is maxed out) and then returned to the house to clean and empty the fridge.

Our last stop on our way out of town was a bakery called Sweeteez for the kids’ favorite specialty cookies. We saved them for tonight when we got to our hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico. That was a great way to end the day!

We logged roughly 407 miles today and expect to travel approximately 500 miles per day, so we should make it to Abilene, TX, tomorrow. So far, the dogs are better travelers than our kids.

We miss our Arizona friends already. We have been beyond blessed to build such deep friendships in just two short years. (I'll keep saying it: if you plan a trip to Disney World, you have to stop by and see us!)

My next update will be from Tampa, Florida!

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