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Historical Romance Author

Stephanie Rose Finsterbush

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Stephanie loves reading copious amounts of romance and drinking coffee too late in the afternoon. #writerscredentials


A glimpse of Stephanie's award-winning stories that combine history, adventure, humor, and, most importantly, romance.


Stephanie shares her family's adventures, tidbits about what she's writing, her journey to publication, and of course, books she loves. 

Stephanie’s stories hook me from beginning to end!  I relate to her characters, who are sometimes funny, sometimes sassy, and often brave or even heroic. Her writing makes me feel like I’m going right along on their journeys as they navigate their dilemmas. With expertly woven cliffhangers and twists and turns, I can always count on a memorable ending that warms my heart. Love this author!

- Debra

Library Bookshelves


Stephanie Rose Finsterbush is an award-winning aspiring author of historical romance. Her stories combine history, humor, and a heaping dose of romance to create fast-paced, fun reads that make your heart skip a beat.

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