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Stephanie's Stories

Stephanie Rose Finsterbush is an aspiring, award-winning author of historical romance.

Her stories combine history, comedy, adventure, and a heaping dose of romance

to create fast-paced, fun reads that make your heart skip a beat.


Christmas at Fort Bennett

2021 Genesis Winner - Novella

New York City heiress Madeline Malcolm flees another unwelcome proposal and boards a train for her hometown of Denver, hoping to convince her father to give up his scheme

of marrying her off to a high society husband.

Maddie knows that God has a plan for her, and marrying the nose-blowing Mr. Smythe is certainly not it. She longs for the kind of love she had with her childhood sweetheart before her father separated them years ago.

Now a lieutenant in the Colorado Cavalry, Zacharias Sutherland is tasked with escorting the Overland Stagecoach to Denver and capturing the Dempsey brothers, two notorious road agents.

When Maddie and Zach are reunited on the trail, their feelings resurface, and they begin to hope for a future together, but first, they’ll have to navigate the dangers of the West and the man that deemed Zach unworthy.

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