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Moving to Florida

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

We're moving to Tampa!

My husband, Barkley, grew up in Panama City, Florida, while I grew up in Denver, Colorado. We met at the University of Central Florida in Orlando and have since lived in Florida, Georgia, New York, Rhode Island, and Arizona. (We spent two years each in the latter three states, so the past six years have been a little crazy.)

Although we've both lived in Florida before (and our kids were born in Florida,) we've never lived near Tampa before, so this will still be a new experience. Thankfully, we will already be familiar with the sun, the humidity, and the traffic.

The best part about this particular move is that once we are settled in our new home, we won't have a three-day drive or the necessity of an airplane to reach our family in a relatively short time. We will be about five hours from Barkley's side of the family and only a quick one-and-a-half-hour jaunt up to Orlando, where my mother and sister live. Oh, and there's Disney World. We haven't forgotten Disney World.

We will be in temporary housing for a while as we research neighborhoods and search for a house. I plan to homeschool both of our kids for the foreseeable future. Our son is not too excited about that, as he loves going to school and seeing his friends every day. I'm anticipating that this will be the hardest move for him yet. We're pressing forward, though, knowing this will be a more permanent relocation for us. We plan to "settle" as much as possible in Tampa and have no plans to move again in the next two years. Doesn't that sound nice? Here's hoping the kids get through high school without another major move.

Between now and November, we're soaking up the dry Arizona sunshine, beautiful sunsets, and time with our amazing friends here. It's hard to believe it's only been two years since we moved to Phoenix because, in that time, we've made some truly wonderful friends that I will forever be grateful for knowing. I expect all our friends who visit Disney World in the future to stop by our house first. Please!

Have you moved around a lot or stayed in one place? Which do you prefer? Is there anywhere you'd like to live that you haven't yet? Comment below!

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